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NACF (Native Arts and Cultures Foundation) LIFT Project

Matrilineal Memory LIFT Project

"Matrilineal Memory" is an immersive journey of healing and connection within a matrilineal culture. It poses thought-provoking questions: How can we preserve stories in a matrilineal culture when our ties to matriarchs are severed? How do we navigate the disconnections within families and confront the lasting effects of generational trauma? And, most importantly, how can we heal those ties and traumas to ensure that future generations inherit stories of hope, resilience, and love? Through poetry and mixed media paintings incorporating materials and stories gathered on visits to my favorite southwestern deserts and the Hopi reservation where my mother lives, I will be answering these questions for myself. Anticipated for exhibition in the Fall of 2024, this interactive and immersive exhibit will include food, art installations, and storytelling.

Follow along as I share progress as part of this LIFT award. You can view more videos and photos on my social media at

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