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Mikaela Shafer

My work tells a story of disconnection— generational, cultural, and spiritual. I am currently on a journey to find my way in my Hopi culture, rebuilding relationships, and healing from my daughter's death 17 years ago. 


My work at the moment is a visceral display of grief, loss, reconnection, and healing. It is painful and ugly and beautiful and bright. I hope this work inspires people to evaluate their trauma and history, come to terms with grief, and open old ragged wounds so they may heal properly. 


The process I use to create my art is feral. My pieces are painted, burned, and sewn. I want people to feel the chaos and calm and see their own journey in the lines and jagged edges. 


I like to use found materials and unconventional tools in my work. I am not trained, nor have I studied art, but it has always been a part of me. I have been creating since I was a child—sculptures, poetry, paintings, and costumes anything to release what is inside of me. 


When I create, my biggest hope is that people walk away and want to find a way to forge and release what is inside of them as well.

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For all art inquiries, email Follow on social media for videos, art stories, and more. 

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