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Social Media Class

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Get a certificate by completing the program.


Learn everything you need to know to create an engaging and visually stunning social media aesthetic in my latest workshop. These easy-to-follow 20-30 minute sessions are designed for you to go at your own pace, so you can take your time and perfect your skills. Plus, the comprehensive 11-page workbook is jam-packed with content ideas, challenges, templates, and more to keep you inspired and motivated. Here is what you can expect to learn: Session 1: Define Your Aesthetic Become a curator for your brand, your own photographer, and stylist. Design your Instagram feed and create a content library that works. Session 2: Content & Strategy Outline your content strategy, create content pillars, content calendars, and scheduling tools. Learn how to come up with content ideas and track metrics. Session 3: Networking & Community Building Find your audience using geotags and hashtags, collaborate with influencers and customers, create a media list that works, and engage the right way on social media. Build a community and genuine connections online. Whether you're a small business owner, blogger, or social media enthusiast, this workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create a standout social media presence. So why wait? Sign up now to get $1500 worth of training for just $99 and start building your dream social media today.

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